First, some requirements related to safety & fairness:

  • There is a fee for entries.

Before April 1, 2018
$25/adult entry , $15, kids entryBetween

April 1, 2017 and July 30, 2018
$35/adult entry , $25, kids entry

Between August 1 and August 20, 2018
$45/adult entry , $35, kids entry

  • Entries must be able to steer and stop and capable of keeping the entry in place on an incline. At the starting line-up, all cars will be inspected for steering and stopping capabilities. Entries determined to have insufficient breaking will be required to go down the hill with a rope attached and a trailing person to keep the car from speeding away. While the entrants may feel the shame of the rope, judges will not hold this against them. After all, this is a competition of creativity!
  • Entries must fit in the street: we suggest no longer or wider than 15ft. x 6ft. and no taller than a 10 ft. tall dragon.
  • Children and the fragile headed should wear bike or riding helmets . . . just in case.
  • Business logos and/or signage must be limited to 300 square inches.
  • You may re-enter a past entry, but you will not be eligible to win.

Now, here’s what do if you want to win a prize:

  • Build an amazing work of art that can roll down a hill. We call this a kinetic sculpture.
  • You can build it any style you want. The car that captures the heart and minds of the people, will win the Coveted Peoples Choice Award.
  • Are you a kid? Are you a kid 13 years of age or younger? Get your friends and family to pitch in, or do it by yourself. Make that car of your dreams and show the world what you can do. One terrific car will win First Place in the Kids devision.
  • Do you prefer coming in last? Do you often find yourself the butt of others’ jokes? Then go for the Rondout Reject (aka Horses Ass Award)!
  • Up for a special challenge are you? Each year we will select new category to get you motivated and honing your artist skills. The winner for the category will win a glorious prize. This year’s category is: Tributes

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